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A customizable and modular connector for optimizing Customer Relationship Management

  • Operational CRM
  • Modularity with any other app in the GiustiSuite galaxy
  • Ability to manage and correlate all business elements on a time scale
  • Hierarchical sharing of information between different company figures.

Clear and well organized data

GiustiCRM reformulates the primary concepts of operational CRM activity, facilitating the acquisition of data and the use of the entire commercial activity.

The operational strategy of GiustiCRM is characterized by four main aspects:

  • Resolution and simplification of particularly complex operational paths due to the amount of data to be managed.
  • Technological development formulated to keep up with the continuous evolution of the Apps.
  • Presence of the Back Office which fully supervises the management of GiustiCRM and makes the app independent from the corporate information system.
  • Two different operational typologies in the active and passive profiling of information management, to diversify the activity of the corporate headquarters and the users.

Conceived as the basis of a very broad and advanced Customer Relationship Management system, GiustiCRM comes with a standard version of basic functions which, if necessary, can be customized and modularized according to individual specificities.


All visible at a glance

Low start-up impact and low costs, keeping operational efficiency high. GiustiCRM, in addition to performing the functions of facilitator and memo always connected with the flow of information, has the ability to know how to manage and correlate all the activities carried out and to be carried out of each element of the company business, namely:

  • clients
  • prospect
  • leads
  • construction sites
  • scarl.

With GiustiCRM, the graphic representation of the important amount of managed data is easy to read and navigate. Everything will be visible at a glance, as in a well-ordered virtual desk. The timeline is the central feature that collects and correlates actions with each other, in the time calculation of the activities. GiustiCRM has a very broad horizon of information to manage and the timeline connects activities and actions linked by a common thread, taking into account what has already happened and what is expected to happen. The integration with the corporate mail system also provides for the synchronization of the defined events.

As with all GiustiSuite apps, GiustiCRM also has an efficient helper: the Back Office. Unique in its kind, GiustiBOS is essential for the functional management of all GiustiSuite apps. His role as director makes him indispensable for coordinating the GiustiSuite world with the corporate information system, replacing the latter – in part or entirely – when needed.

  • Intuitive, with easy-to-remember operating paths.
  • The standard features are accompanied by the operational specifications for the commercial sector for which the apps are intended.
  • Available and usable in any condition, online/lan for the company, iOS, Android platforms, offline mode, for commercial network users.
  • Integration with other apps in particular with GiustiSFA which, due to the operational activity it carries out, provides the data collected to automatically complete the general picture.

The exchange of information between different IT worlds, controlled and commanded by GiustiBOS, is the strong point of our systems. GiustiCRM has innumerable ways of exchanging data that are already operational, basic. As a maximum facilitation, immediate and universal methods have been chosen such as the use of APIs and CSV/Excel files. Standard templates already configured just waiting to be compiled, with any tool available to the company.

The integration takes place with the other GiustiSuite apps and in particular with GiustiSFA which, for the operational activity carried out, provides the data collected to automatically complete the general picture.

GiustiCRM can be activated in any environment, whether or not a commercial management software system is already in place.

GiustiCRM is an innovative app that effectively supervises the management and control processes of all pre-sales, sales and post-sales commercial activities.

The GiustiCRM agenda can be shared by the peripheral user with his area manager and the office users.

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Already in the standard version, the GiustiSuite apps cover between 90 and 100% of the specifications necessary to satisfy the action promoted by the corporate commercial area and obtain user approval.

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