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Efficient order collection, strengthening of the sales network, operational paths that are easy to remember

  • Enhanced sales network
  • Practical and intuitive operational paths
  • Efficient order collection

Get the most out of your sales force

GiustiSFA represents everything that a Sales Force Automation app can give you, plus a series of functional and operational advantages that make it strategic for your company thanks to the particular characteristics, developed for specific commercial sectors such as, for example, the “food & beverage”, where there are the peculiarities for the management of excise duties, definable formulas to calculate shipping costs, definition and application of even complex schemes to easily manage commercial and promotional conditions. Already in the standard version, in fact, the GiustiSFA Apps cover between 90 and 100% of the specifications necessary to satisfy the commercial area of the company.


Monitor order flow

Simplifying and controlling the flow of orders coming from the commercial periphery and/or acquired directly in the company is the primary need from which GiustiSFA was born; a sort of facilitator, a memo that is always connected to ensure the application of all commercial rules to the company, respecting the competence and experience of the agent.

Functionality, routes, usability, results, information, communication, shared data… These are just some of the features that GiustiSFA makes available. In addition, a series of facilities enhance its usability, ensuring time savings and rational data management.

Like all apps in the GiustiSuite galaxy, GiustiSFA also has an efficient and versatile ally: the Back Office. Any data necessary for the technical and operational functioning of the GiustiSuite apps can be managed indifferently on the GiustiBOS and/or come from the company management system.


Intuitive, simple to use, with easy-to-remember operating paths.

Practical, divided into two paths, direct and essential for primary activities; broad and convenient for information in consultation and statistics.

It allows operational profiling for each user who uses GiustiSuite.

The standard features are accompanied by the operational specifications for the sector for which the apps are intended.

It is available on three platforms: Desktop, Android and iOS.

It comes in two different operational and data quality availability settings, in the company headquarters and commercial periphery versions: GiustiSFA Mobile for mobile and GiustiSFA Sell for desktop.

Reference sectors

GiustiSFA is aimed at manufacturing and commercial companies.

There are many references that qualify it and certify its positive experience of use.

We are present with a particularly important User Experience in the product sectors:

  • food
  • wines and spirits
  • pharmaceutical
  • cosmetic
  • chemist
  • primary goods
  • parapharmaceutical

The users involved are those gravitating around the sales network: agents and/or area managers, agencies, agencies with sub-agents, corporate users, sales area employees, managerial figures…

Join GiustiSuite

Break habits, discover the GiustiSuite advantages.

Already in the standard version, the GiustiSFA apps cover between 90 and 100% of the specifications necessary to satisfy the action promoted by the company’s commercial area and obtain user approval.

Contact us to find out what is the best solution for you. Our team of experts will be happy to tell you about our products, their features and the benefits they can bring to your business.

We will evaluate together how convenient it is to abandon habits and rely on procedures and operational functions that in GiustiSuite are already active and functioning in thousands of installations.


Would you like to know more? Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions that customers ask us about GiustiSFA.

  • How does the exchange of data between GiustiSuite and our management system take place?
    GiustiSuite already provides a functioning series of connectors to the most popular management software.
  • Additional costs to be faced, in addition to those to be incurred for the GiustiSuite apps?
    Our consultancy is oriented towards excluding them or in any case reducing them to a minimum, guiding the technical counterpart responsible for the management system.
  • If a problem occurs, who is responsible?
    Reporting a problem immediately triggers a ticket for our support technicians. By referring to the document that describes the set of functionalities of the active apps, we are able to prove their origin, and if it is not our responsibility, we help the other party to resolve the issue. Our goal is to act quickly and resolve.
  • How is it possible to be sure that everything works?
    It is our practice to carry out, in collaboration with the customer, the testing of the purchased and installed apps. The results, collected in a document, describe trials and outcomes.

Have more questions? Don’t stay in doubt. Contact us to find out what is the best solution for you.

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