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GiustiSuite applications dedicated to the wine and alcoholic beverage industries

The rich feature set developed for the wine and alcoholic beverages commercial sectors is built on a solid and well-tested base of standard features. Our customer can count on a wide availability of Applications which, although different in terms of operational concept and intended use, can coexist with each other and brilliantly resolve those situations in which it is necessary to have more operational alternatives.

  • Multiplatforms: Android, iOS, Browser
  • GiustiSFA: Order taking and CRM
  • GiustiECS: it use Whatsapp, specific for smartphones, the App can be used simultaneously by the sales network and by customers.
  • GiustiFCS: for online e-commerce
  • allegrini
  • corte giara
  • fontanafredda
  • masi
  • mezzacorona
  • rinaldi

Age management

This is additional information in addition to the classifications to which to associate the products.

GiustiSuite manages the vintage in two ways:

  • As a classification, in the event that each single vintage is already associated with each product,
  • As a variant, in case the year is considered a variant.

Generally the year is used as a search key (article attribute), in the composition of a promo, eg: exclusion or inclusion of one or more years in the promotional mechanism.


Transport costs

Transport costs are calculated by choosing between two methods:

  • Lump sum
  • Based on brackets of goods amount

The latter insist on: single customer, classification, province (or other parameter present)

For articles: single code, classifications.

In any case, it is possible to set thresholds for the validity of the application (e.g.: over €500 = free shipping).

The calculation mechanism can also be driven by commercial policies (promo).

To achieve greater application granularity, there are two options

Option A, integrate the following info:

  • Shipping lists, imported with the GiustiBOS platform
  • Further information regarding the customer: disadvantaged area, ZTL, delivery to the floor, bank request

Option B, integration with the G-Speed system =, where the company maintains the shipping price lists and GiustiSuite, calling up a G-Speed API, associates the right expense to the order according to the parameters entered and the cheapest forwarder.

Groupings by classification

In the order acquisition phase, among the many operational opportunities to facilitate the agent’s work, GiustiSuite allows you to choose a classification to obtain a homogeneous list of corresponding items.


Real-time availability

Also in the order acquisition phase, there is the advantage of being able to consult the availability of a single product or all products at any time, whether these are listed, as a result of a selection or already acquired as order lines. The call can be manual, using the appropriate button and automatic when loading the list of items, before confirming the order.

In any case, the information is obtained from GiustiSuite through a call to the company management system.


Order management

  • Notifications: discount level flag (colors V R G) and notification, note flag (colors (orange, red)
  • Packaging control for products sold by the pack.
  • Alcohol content display.
  • Display of the IF&FC alcohol tax.
  • Management of POS items using the appropriate button.
  • Summaries present on each order screen.

In order acquisition, availability of the extended description of the product with the combination of packaging and size.

Order list: colors by order status:

  • Uploaded to company management system, «C» (yellow)
  • Blocked for administrative reasons «B» (red) for lack of goods «M» (red)
  • Shipped «S» (light blue) Invoiced (F) (green)


After sales

  • Order tracking: necessary for detailed delivery control, GiustiSuite provides for connection to the courier system.
  • Load plans: From the calculation of the volumes of the items in order, the number of pallets required can be obtained, so as to evaluate the most suitable means of delivery and the space in the warehouse that the customer must have to store the goods.
  • Delivery rounds: They are a specification of the rounds of visits to customers, in this case they allow you to organize direct deliveries by the company.
  • Empty management: If an article provides for the return of the empty space (e.g.: the drum) for each shipment made, the empty counter charged to the customer is updated. If not returned by a specific date, they are billed and discharged by GiustiSuite management.
  • Batch management and deadlines: both are managed in two ways: item availability and for perishable products, also indicating the expiration date.


Integration of GiustiSuite with ERP platforms

  • SAP
  • SAP Business One
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV e BC365
  • Zucchetti
  • Teamsystem
  • teamsystem
  • zucchetti
  • sap
  • microsoft dynamics 365

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