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Pharmacy, parapharmacy & personal care

GiustiSuite applications dedicated to the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical sectors and personal care

The rich set of features developed for the Pharmaceutical and Parapharmaceutical sectors is assisted by a solid and well-tested base of standard features. Our customer can count on a wide availability of Applications which, although different in terms of operational concept and intended use, can coexist with each other and brilliantly resolve those situations in which it is necessary to have more operational alternatives.

  • Multiplatrorms: Android, iOS, Browser
  • GiustiSFA: Order acquisition and CRM
  • GiustiECS: uses WhatsApp, specific for smartphones, the App can be used simultaneously by the sales network and by customers.
  • GiustiFCS: for online e-commerce
  • GiustiRPV: Survey activities at the points of sale.
  • artsana
  • doc
  • erbozeta
  • kelemata
  • paglieri
  • rays
  • sanico

Tiplogie d’acquisizione ordine

The case of this product industry hinges on the order acquisition activity, a module dotted with many particularities, essential for obtaining rapid, reliable and particularly clear results for the proposing agent and for the purchasing customer.

As in other cases, the input of the order lines is the compendium, the synthesis, of most of the information managed by the application. Furthermore in this case the info is numerous and perfectly correlated to each other according to company specifications.

We have chosen not to elaborate excessively on the functions which, through their management, feed the archives necessary for taking the order, also in consideration of the fact that a good number of these are common to other specialized Apps and/or present in the standard base of our software offer.

This product industry is particularly rich in different ways of acquiring orders, a variable number of operating schemes and consequent fulfillment procedures.


Specialized customer card and accounting summary


Administrative references


Item selection and order lines acquisition

The user can count on an important amount of information, all clear and easy to read as a corollary to the simple price list. The convenience of inputting the order lines is underlined by the many different product selection opportunities.


Order management

  • Promotion details with product type indication -> Target/Benefit
    The concept of convenience, when entering order lines, becomes even more evident when dealing with promotions.


  • List of activity campaigns
    The screenshot below, which we have divided into two for reasons of space, shows us how fast acquisition through a campaign can be.


  • Checking the adequacy of the promotional conditions applied and view of the details of the products in promotion.


  • Summary with analytical detail for item classification


  • Cart
    We arrived at the order cart, in this case a very large screen, which we have divided into three for reasons of space, which shows most of the available columns.


  • Customized label


After sales

  • Order tracking: necessary for detailed delivery control, GiustiSuite provides for connection to the courier system.
  • Load plans: From the calculation of the volumes of the items in order, the number of pallets required can be obtained, so as to evaluate the most suitable means of delivery and the space in the warehouse that the customer must have to store the goods.
  • Delivery rounds: They are a specification of the rounds of visits to customers, in this case they allow you to organize direct deliveries by the company.
  • Empty management: If an article provides for the return of the empty space (e.g.: the drum) for each shipment made, the empty counter charged to the customer is updated. If not returned by a specific date, they are billed and discharged by GiustiSuite management.
  • Batch management and deadlines: both are managed in two ways: item availability and for perishable products, also indicating the expiration date.


Integration of GiustiSuite with ERP platforms

  • SAP
  • SAP Business One
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV e BC365
  • Zucchetti
  • Teamsystem
  • sap
  • microsoft dynamics 365
  • zucchetti
  • teamsystem

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