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A single application for electronic commerce

In a not too distant time, B2B and B2C were considered conceptually different to be considered two distinct Applications. These are our sustainability objectives, which are achieved not only with continuous improvement of operations but also by paying attention to a rational use of resources, the reason that has guided us towards the creation of a single application for electronic commerce.

Our offer is essentially a single App that can be configured, with the operational and logic specifications pertinent to a B2B and/or a B2C, it is the company that chooses on which target customers it wants to increase its commercial presence, in our case with only one App of the two available or both at the same time.

GiustiFCS knows which path to take if the user is Mr. Rossi from the purchasing department of a company or a private buyer.

As with any other operating condition, and a common point for our Apps, everything depends on the skills and certainty of being able to manage data and conditions, which, not surprisingly, are the specialties of our GiustiBOS.


We are certainly faceing an economic saving, even starting with only one of the two orientations, for example the B2B, of our Full Commerce System, activating the B2C is objectively simple as well, and the cost of the whole operation is very low. From an economic advantage we easily pass to what digital ergonomics gives us, that is, a single operating logic even if the types of users are different.

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