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Integration with WhatsApp

GiustiECS is an innovative app that, by developing synergies of good efficiency, streamlines the sales process through integration with WhatsApp, to make order management directly from the smartphone faster and smarter.

Low operational impact, low costs, new sales opportunities

With a low operational impact and with the support of telematic channels already known and rooted in everyday life, GiustiECS is fast and easy to use and meets the commercial needs of the company and the sales network, serving as a purchasing facilitator for the end user.

A series of commercial services, in fact, are attractive both for the agency and for the single agent who wants to build customer loyalty by obtaining orders from their mobile phones.

At a low cost, GiustiECS completes and enhances network sales opportunities using traditional sales force automation systems.

Basically, all the work is done online but the order and its transfer is processed as if it were an app in offline mode.

Company, agent and end user: a perfect triangle

The company and the agent, in collaboration or individually, encourage the customer/end user to use GiustiECS.

Informing and receiving orders from customers using GiustiECS has positive implications for the company that can avoid a B2B or B2C purchase.

Even if a sales force automation system is already in place, GiustiECS covers many commercial situations that are often difficult to reach.

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