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Courses and events within reach of your smartphone? With GiustiEMS it has never been easier!

GiustiEMS is an innovative communication channel, able to create a direct line between you and your customers, to keep them always updated on the initiatives of courses and corporate events.

Especially in these times when communications are more complicated and opportunities to meet are fewer, GiustiEMS is a formidable ally for the marketing department, because it allows courses and events to be managed in a simple and intuitive way.

The possibilities of using GiustiEMS are endless.
It can, in fact, be useful for proposing refresher and dissemination courses, for explaining products and their use, for creating marketing events and commercial meetings but also for creating new working methods and new commercial solutions.

In short, the only limit is your imagination!

Courses and events, directly on your smartphone.

GiustiEMS is to inform: summary and detailed information sheet, accompanied by documents, videos, images… related to each initiative you want to launch.
GiustiEMS is practicality: multiple enrollment functionality, a few quick taps to enroll multiple participants in a course or event, each of whom will receive a QR Code for entry.

For even smarter paid courses and events, your client can now purchase and manage spendable credits to support enrollment in the initiatives he/she wants to participate in; credits can be recharged directly from the smartphone, from GiustiFCS, through the use of Credit Cards and Paypal.

Using GiustiMap – specific app with which you can independently create complete catalogs, thematic folders and promotional flyers, all interactive, associating to each page or section, one or more articles that with just a tap, opens the relevant product sheets.

Finally, in a specific News area, customers will be able to follow all the company’s social channels grouped together in a single, convenient app.

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