<p>The sustainable lightness of the software</p>

The sustainable lightness of the software

We develop ergonomic, comfortable to use and sustainable software for the good of the planet, capable of combining comfort and technology at work with a cultural and ethical soul.

<p>The sustainable lightness of the software</p>


Over 200 companies are successfully using GiustiSuite.

Many have chosen GiustiSuite, our customers, our pride.

GiustiSuite Apps

The perfect balance between innovation and efficiency for the automation of your sales network

Our ecosystem is based on two solid apps, GiustiCRM and GiustiSFA, supported, managed and guided by GiustiBOS.

A customizable and modular connector for optimizing Customer Relationship Management.

  • Operational CRM

  • Modularity with any other app in the GiustiSuite galaxy

  • Ability to manage and correlate all business elements on a time scale

  • Hierarchical sharing of information between different company figures

A reliable and powerful management Back Office with a single reference database.

  • The control room of the GiustiSuite galaxy

  • Solid, efficient, effective

  • Low startup impact, high operating efficiency

  • Easily adaptable

A single configurable app with the operational and logic specifications pertinent both to a B2B and a B2C.

  • Expand your business opportunities

  • E-commerce with a memorable UX


State-of-the-art optimized apps

Discover all the product sectors in which the specialization of our apps can make the difference.
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GiustiSuite, the CRM that communicates with your world

GiustiSuite is able to communicate and exchange data with any company management software and with the main electronic commerce platforms.
Developed on native platforms for IOS and Android and Web, it can be used with any modern browser and integrates with the most used tools.

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