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The Nikè B2B online platform fully meets the needs of companies that receive or want to receive orders not only from the sales network but also directly from their clients. The structural characteristics of the Nikè Sell (link) ensure the client visibility exclusively on the information and commercial conditions of his competence. The client enters his own space where he can have a lot of information at his disposal such as, catalogues, documents, images and much more. With a simple and intuitive online procedure, the client will be independent and at ease in acquiring orders in first person from pc, tablet, and smartphone. With Nikè BtoB the client can acquire and consult the data of his own competence and has at his disposal the images and technical information conveyed by the company.

The advantages of Nikè B2B:

  • The customer, guided by the app, easily fills his order, with exclusive access to the products and commercial conditions (price lists, promotions and discounts) that concern him.
  • The graphical interface is clear and easy to read.
  • It’s responsive: Nikè B2B is accessible from both PC and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.
  • It’s part of a large family of apps, an ever-evolving project where each individual app can collaborate with the others.

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