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Fiorentini: the automation of the sales force applied to the food sector

Giusti Software supports Fiorentini Alimentari S.p.A. with GiustiSuite technology

To manage the sales area (and not only) Fiorentini Alimentari S.p.A. he has been using many of the apps available in the GiustiSuite galaxy for almost ten years.

Founded in 1918 by Leonildo Fiorentini and today led by his nephew Roberto Fiorentini and his family, Fiorentini Alimentari S.p.A. is a modern and avant-garde company, leader in the Italian market of biscuits and healthy snacks thanks to constant innovation and attention to the consumer.

Tradition and research have always been the pillars of the company, committed on the one hand to enhancing the typical features of the area in which it stands and on the other to promoting technological and product innovation, with particular attention to sustainability issues and environmental Protection.

The challenge: managing order collection

The meeting between Giusti Software and Fiorentini Alimentari took place precisely at a time when a strong acceleration in commercial growth was taking shape.

As in any company that grows rapidly, there were many areas for improvement.

Fiorentini presented some critical issues in the field of order collection, both for the very high number of these and for the large quantity of references relating to each document.

In fact, it was a manual activity that necessarily required a large number of people dedicated to data entry with consequent input errors, physiological in a daily job characterized by tight deadlines and management of thousands of order lines.

The proposed solution: the revolution of an SFA work system

We addressed the need to automate Fiorentini’s order collection with a tailor-made SFA project. We started from the standard version of GiustiSuite to then include all the necessary functional and operational features.

For the computerization of the commercial area, in particular, the following applications were introduced: GiustiSuite, GiustiSFA Sell, GiustiBOS, GiustiSFA Mobile (in the two Android/iOS versions). For the management of large-scale distribution contracts and year-end bonuses: GiustiSAS. For the acquisition of orders through the application of OCR technology on pdf forms we have provided: GiustiFFS. For the acquisition of orders via WhatsApp, GiustiECS has been included, currently in the start-up phase.


Perfect integration: everything under control

The GiustiSuite application suite has not simply enhanced the functions offered by the management system used by the customer. It even replaced him in the logical-functional management in the commercial field.

With the GiustiSFA Sell, GiustiSFA Mobile and GiustiFFS applications, today GiustiSuite is the fulcrum of company order management and the related commission calculation system.

Through these software solutions, Fiorentini Alimentari acquires, modifies and authorizes every sales order, even those received through third-party applications (MRP Orders); in fact, these are sent to GiustiSuite to be automatically transformed into orders according to the standard defined for the customer.

Furthermore, even if already sent to the management system, orders – in the event of any changes – can be resubmitted to GiustiSuite in order to complete the requested operations.

The GiustiBOS manages all the commercial specifications used by the customer, such as price lists, commercial policies and discount plans.

The improvement is tangible not only in terms of technology and innovation for users. In fact, it is “behind the scenes”, in the automated management of the data flow to and from Fiorentini Alimentari’s internal systems, that the integration with Giusti has made a very important contribution, integrating both with the ERP system and with the applications of logistics and production.

Concrete results: efficient and functional daily management

With the introduction of the innovative GiustiSuite multiplatform software system, today Fiorentini Alimentari has implemented a Sales Force Automation strategy that has made it possible to:

  • simplify the working life of the sales network;
  • optimize the management of the commercial activity;
  • acquire and manage orders quickly and easily;
  • save time and resources to devote to core business;
  • increase the productivity of the corporate business;
  • improve communication and the supplier/customer relationship.

Positive feedback: Cesare Schiavon, CIO Fiorentini Alimentari

«The relationship between Fiorentini Alimentari S.p.A. and Giusti S.r.l. was born at the end of 2014.

At the time, Fiorentini was looking for a multi-platform solution for acquiring orders through the sales network.

During all these years the relationship with Giusti has expanded with mutual satisfaction: today Fiorentini manages all the commercial purchasing and sales policies both on invoice and off invoice through the GiustiSuite platform.

The GiustiSuite platform has been successfully integrated with the ERP system and with the MRP and Forecast vertical applications. Today we are refining the character recognition system for the automatic entry into the system of customer orders received in PDF format”.

A network of satisfied customers

In addition to Fiorentini Alimentari S.p.A. there are many companies in the food sector (and not only) that have relied on the technology and know-how of Giusti Software, using GiustiSuite software and apps on a daily basis to automate the sales force and optimize business processes.

  • urbani
  • bahlsen
  • menz & gasser
  • gentilini
  • bialetti
  • idb

Every business need is a reason for success for GiustiSuite.

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