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Rinaldi 1957: food&beverage sector and sales force automation

Giusti Software supports Rinaldi 1957 with Nikè technology

In 2019, Rinaldi realized that he needed an SFA software that would allow him to achieve two main objectives:

  • Help the sales force (made up of over 150 people including multi-firm agents and collaborators) in collecting orders and transmitting the orders to the company; but the presentation of the Rinaldi company to the customer is equally important, the presentation of our products with photos, technical data sheets, promotions (which are very many), product catalogue. The app we need must allow you to add the product line to the cart from wherever you are, thus transforming the app into a very powerful sales tool capable of working even in the absence of a data network and on any type of tablet used by the agent.
  • Helping the company’s internal staff enter agents’ orders into the management system simply without retyping them, but above all having an effective and flexible order control tool.


The challenge: make the customer experience memorable

Rinaldi needed a truly reliable, stable tool capable of guaranteeing data security while maintaining the already widely present UX characteristics; but Rinaldi also needs fast, competent assistance, capable of interacting constructively with Rinaldi employees but also with the agents themselves.

Rinaldi is a dynamic company, which adapts quickly to the market and to do this it often “invents” new tools, new ways of communicating, new promotions and often needs to customize the product in terms of aesthetics and substance; we realized that we needed a team capable of fully understanding the company’s problems, a team capable of carrying out analysis and development in a very competent and professional way, capable of following us promptly in our changing needs.

In 2019 Rinaldi meets Giusti: the collaboration between Giusti and Rinaldi is all this, because Giusti is much more than a supplier, he is a capable, flexible, active, attentive and proactive collaborator.

The proposed solution: an SFA commercial development and sales project

The computerization of the commercial reality has addressed the management of the sales area, understood as the sales force in the area, i.e. the agents.

Together with our technicians we have analyzed the Rinaldi 1957 company reality, examining the needs a particularly stimulating and innovative project has emerged.

General requests were resolved quickly, simply by offering the wide range of features present in our GiustiSuite apps.

For more specific requests, however, a series of implementations and modifications to the basic version of GiustiSuite have been developed, tailoring them to the customer.


GiustiSuite at the service of the commercial area: new sales opportunities with specialized apps

Currently the entire Rinaldi 1957 sales force is managed using the following applications: GiustiSuite, GiustiSFA Sell, GiustiBOS, GiustiSFA Mobile, on the two Android/iOS platforms. In particular:

  • With the GiustiSFA Sell and GiustiSFA Mobile apps: GiustiSuite has become the hub of corporate order management. With these software solutions, Rinaldi 1957 acquires, modifies and authorizes every sales order, even those which, sent to GiustiSuite, are transformed into orders according to the standard defined for the customer. Not only that: it is possible to complete the order with any necessary data with the information shared by the management system (such as for example in the case of sending orders with new customers) constantly guaranteeing the adequacy of the information.

Perfect integration: systems in dialogue for streamlined management

The GiustiSuite application suite has not only enhanced the functions offered by the management system in use at Rinaldi 1957 but has even replaced it as regards the logical-functional management in the field of order collection and management.

The benefits deriving from the inclusion of GiustiSuite in the company do not end only at the level of technology and innovation at the service of users.

Many advantages are also played out “behind the scenes”.

Indeed, it is in the automated management of the data flow to and from Rinaldi 1957’s internal systems that the integration with Giusti Software has made a very important contribution, going into perfect dialogue with the ERP system.

Concrete results: efficient and functional daily management

By managing the commercial area with the innovative GiustiSuite multiplatform software system, today Rinaldi 1957 has implemented a Sales Force Automation strategy that has made it possible to:

  • improve the relationship between the company and customers;
  • simplify the working life of the sales network;
  • save time and resources;
  • create new sales opportunities.

A network of satisfied customers

In addition to Rinaldi 1957, many companies in various sectors have relied on Giusti Software’s technology and know-how, using GiustiSuite software and apps on a daily basis to automate the sales force and optimize business processes.

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Every business need is a reason for success for GiustiSuite.

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